you can change

you can change

Posted by : Dr Freshte panahi

 when you were a child , you did not have many options. Now you have more resources. You can recognize self-destructive patterns.  You can easily pick and choose among your coping behaviors. You can discard the ones that no longer work for you and keep the positive skills you’ ve developed. Although not everyone has the same opportunities.  The starting point for everyone , however, is to look at the ways you coped and to forgive yourself. You have no reason to be ashamed. You did the best you as a child under impossible circumstances. You have earned the name  ” thinker ‘ , ” survivor ” hopeful “. Now you are an adult with power to change.    From a place of acceptance and love you can do so .

Do not give up‏

That is the best thing I could tell somebody who just remembered she or he was as a ” thinker ” survivor ” or ” hero “. That is the most important thing right in the beginning. There are people who have lived through it .  Just trust yourself, your power, your faith  and your capacity. Yes trust it , no matter what outside messages you get. You are the only person who can tell yourself what you need to do to heal . Never compaire yourself to others. You can follow dreams if you do not stop . ” Do not give up on yourself.


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